Subproject 5 


Prognosis and analysis of the behavior of small catchment areas in the context of local climate change

The average temperature of the earth has been rising for a long time now, and the resulting consequences for ecosystems are only poorly understood. It has been shown that climate change also impacts the water chemistry of rivers and streams.




In this subproject, data of the integrated hydrological monitoring programs collected over decades at the University of Bayreuth and the Bavarian Environment Agency (LfU) are statistically analyzed. Objectives of this subproject are: Are there clear trends and patterns in the time series that can be traced back to local climatic changes in the different catchments? Can causal relationships be proven statistically? Depending on the local climate scenarios of the Bavarian Environment Agency, can it be used to predict future developments of water-chemical parameters?

Principal investigator: 

Dr. Britta Aufgebauer

Department of Ecological Modelling

University of Bayreuth

Dr.-Hans-Frisch-Straße 1-3

95448 Bayreuth

Tel: +49 921 55 5653


Dr. Sven Frei

Department of Hydrology

University of Bayreuth

Universitätsstrasse 30

95447 Bayreuth

Tel: +49 921 55 2297