Subproject 7


Implementation and outreach activities

The subproject aims at preparing and implementing the results from the research phase of AQUAKLIF on two levels:


 Implementation in practice - deriving options for action 


  • through the project-related exchange with a working group of representatives of public authorities, nature conservation and agriculture in a central workshop "Results and recommendations for action"
  • in transition between research and implementation phase 
  • with the development of guidelines for the revitalization of streams, conducting of workshops up to the monitoring of pilot projects.


Implementation within environmental education and public outreach actions 


  • by developing new concepts for education on climate protection and aquatic ecology together with the student research laboratories of the University of Bayreuth 
  • by further working on the existing student outdoor laboratory "Rotmain-Safari" as a model concept 
  • by designing a guideline "Environmental Education: Climate Change and Water Ecology" 
  • by communicating results and measures to the public.

Principal investigators: 

Prof. Dr. Stefan Peiffer

Department of Hydrology

University of Bayreuth

Universitätsstraße 30

95447 Bayreuth

Tel: +49 921 55 2251


Dr. Birgit Thies

Bayreuth Center of Ecology and Environmental Research University of Bayreuth

Dr.-Hans-Frisch-Strasse 1-3

95448 Bayreuth

Tel: +49 921 55 5700