Subproject 3


A Climate Event Portal for knowledge discovery

This subproject is dedicated to the value-adding process of climate related event data. By event means a spatiotemporally significant change. An event is indicated by its duration (when), geographic location (where), the changing pattern (how), involved subjects (who) and involved objects (what). Events such as forest fire, flood, landslide, are easily understandable for the public and they may draw much more attention than sheer numbers and facts. Climate and environmental scientists use events as meaningful information units for the visualization, analysis and discovery of complex spatiotemporal distribution patterns, correlations, causalities and so on. 

Monitoring the glacier movement.


On the basis of OpenStreetMap (OSM) and official Digital Landscape Models in Bavaria, an open “Climate Event Portal” will be developed with two main functions: 1) the interactive and automatic extraction of climate-related event data from social media and digital archives; 2) the interactive and automatic recognition of complex relationships in the accessible event data. The objective is to demonstrate the synergetic effects between science, education and public engagement and to lay down a foundation for knowledge-based citizen initiatives for climate protection.

Visualization of land use insecurity.

Principal investigator: 

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Liqiu Meng

Chair of Cartography

Technical University of Munich

Arcisstraße 21

80333 München

Tel: +49 89 28922826