Subproject 3


Education for Sustainable Development

The focus of this research and development project is educational work on interconnections between macro weather situations and forest ecosystems in Bavaria in the context of climate change. In the course of this project, a teaching concept is designed which deals with regionally different effects of macro weather situations (which develop differently due to climate change) on forest ecosystems. The research focuses on the effects of the teaching concept, e. g. regarding changes in students’ knowledge and attitudes.


The results will be the basis for a revision of the concept in order to receive an empirically founded teaching concept which has been tested in the classroom against the background of the guiding principle of Education for Sustainable Development. The teaching concept enables a knowledge transfer into the civil society using the most important institution in this context: school. Thus, a large group of future decision makers can be reached who will be especially affected by the regional consequences of climate change – a group which can also be characterized by considerable deficits especially regarding knowledge on and attitudes towards climate change (e. g. consequences of climate change or few own relations to climate change).

Principal investigator: 

Prof. Dr. Jan Christoph Schubert

Institute of Geography

Chair of Didactics of Geography

Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nürnberg

Regensburger Straße 160

90478 Nürnberg

Tel: +49  911 53 02523